Longest Perfect ccTLD Palindromic Domain!

Guess what you've just discovered?? Only one from a grand total of 7 domain names on Earth which are capable of using its 63 characters to resolve to the longest perfect palindrome possible! E(x63) utilizes both the TLD and it's exact sub-domain counterpart to evenly match the dots. This allows for a perfect combined palindrome, meaning the name reads the same in every direction, whether it's flipped left, right, up or down.

Engines fired, and ready for take-off:



From the beginning to the ending, the sub to the suffix, above and below, alpha and the omega and to and fro and back again, E to the power of 63, it's simply ecstasy in every way!

Now, the same effect could be had using the same letter and extension, but only with shorter lengths. None could be as ground-breaking a feat as being the FIRST of its kind ever; the LONGEST PERFECT ccTLD LETTER 'E' DOMAIN NAME PALINDROME. Ever ever.

but wait!!

What comes after the letter e? The letter f. And f is for fantastical, which the only way to describe this next super-duper really really big 63 character domain. It is a full, complete, 100% and honest to goodness real Novemdecillion domain!

The absolute longest complete digit domain name.

So long!